Our Story

ROAM exists at the intersection of the familiar and the new. We are here to find beauty in the rhythm of everyday living.

As we strive to build a world without boundaries, we celebrate what makes us similar rather than what sets us apart. We create in that spirit, designing essentials for men that embrace a variety of lifestyles and living habits.

ROAM is every wear, everywhere.

We want to...

Capture the Everyday

We’re focused on capturing an authentic reflection of their lives: The city they live, how they live, where they go, how they traverse, the different activities they do and when they do it. We anticipate the highs and the lows of their day and adapt to their flow.

We want to...

Remix the Familiar

We provide the freedom and opportunity for our wearers to try new experiences through building a vibrant connection with the city and their tribe. We reinvigorate the familiar.

We want to...

Challenge the Status Quo

We accompany our audience each step of their day, allowing them to grow in confidence and into better version of themselves. We want to redefine basics through our approach, story and style, providing comfort and quality to weather through all that life has to offer.